Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Today is Over!

I do not know about anyone else..but I am SOOOO happy today is over.

It hasn't been a very good day.

It was one of those days.. the ones that start out bad.

I lost my wallet.. in my house! Yep you read that house.

The last time I seen it, was the night before.. I had it on the couch while filing about my direct deposit info for my new job..which I wasn't able to do.

So I was pretty sure it was around the couch..somewhere. It had to be.

So I looked under the cushions, and honestly expected to find it. I mean why wouldn't I? Not there. So I look behind the couch..not there. Under? Nope! Around it? Nope..

Hmmm where could it be? I thought.

So I started looking in things, and under.

Chairs were flipped, tables pulled out.

Then I moved to my bedroom.

Maybe I put it in my purse and just didn't remember. Nope didn't look there first. Should have huh? Nope.. not there!

Looked on my computer desk. Actually tore it apart. Ripped out books, papers etc. Not there.

Moved to my dresser drawers, and chest.

Then to my bed. Who knows..maybe it crawled into bed with me last night..right? Nope. I can't even get that to sleep with me!

Looked at baskets in the bathroom, including the clothes basket, looked in sink drawers, and where I keep my hair tools. Looked in my makeup bags! Yep I did that. Once again.. don't know why it would be in there..or how it would get there. But I looked anyways. It wasn't in any of those places.

Then I moved to the kitchen. Don't worry I didn't look in the stove, or fridge..but I thought of it. However, the washing machine and dryer was looked through! As was cabinets, I even looked in the tub of 5 dollar pop corn from Walmart. Who knows? Maybe I placed in there while sleeping walking..that I may or may not do.. it would explain why I can't find a wallet in my little itty bitty house!

As you can probably guess.. wasn't there.

So it was time to look in my unconventional places.. like under the Christmas Tree skirt, in the Nativity, because you never might want to hang with baby Jesus right? I was on my hands and knees looking.I looked in pillows and shoes.

I started to freak out a little!! (Who am I kidding..I was freaking out before that). My life was in that wallet. Well at least my debit card.. which is my money. My DL's and SSN (I need that for work..and hadn't taken it out yet OK?) credit cards.. you know important crap. And while I wasn't scared of someone getting a hold of it. I still needed that crap to you know have proof I am who I say I am, get a hold of my money. Important things like that.

I also needed to find it by 7:45.. cause I needed that crap for a CPR/First Aid class I was to be at later that day!

There was only one last place(s) I hadn't looked. Trash cans! Eww!! But I did it. I started with the trash can in my bedroom. It's not that bad. Just papers really. Then bathroom.. which isn't as gross as one would think. Being no one in my house has periods anymore. So it's shampoo bottles, and toilet paper rolls. Then the kitchen..which is sooo gross.

It turned up nothing..

And after an hour and half.. I gave up!

I was done!

I had decided that I would call my supervisor and let her know I didn't have my ID for the class.

NO point in going if I can't actually do the course.

I was done. I figured it would turn up eventually.

But today wasn't the day.

And as I looked around at the mess I had made. I knew I had a bigger problem at hand.

Cleaning this house!

Another dread set over me.. it's a good thing I have a little house though!

I started with my room. I made my bed, picked up clothes, hanged things back up!

Looked like a storm had moved through!

It was honestly the worst place in the entire house!

Then I moved to my computer desk.

Saved it for last.. because it was the worse.

I had so many useless papers..I did not need to keep.

So I thought I might as well throw them away!

I started going through them. To see what was good, and what was bad.

Picked up a paper labeled "Weight tracker"

and lo and behold.. there was my wallet!


I tore that desk apart. At one point there was NOTHING there.


And there it was.. and it was a beautiful sight!

Black with silver skulls!!

I was SOO happy to find it!

Now I know what you are thinking.. that ends the bad day..right?

That is so funny.. and cute!

You're wrong.. oh you are oh so wrong!

I had just enough time to pay my cell phone bill before I left.

It is my only bill for the rest of the month..and I wanted to get it taken care of..

since I had just gotten paid!

I jump online, go the website, log in, and go to the page to pay.

I enter my info..mark I agree to their stupid agreement of terms..

Submit.... and get ..


WHAT??? NO!!! I have to pay this dumb bill now!

So I try it again..

Go all through the steps..

and get..


NOOOOOOO not again. I then quit.

Because knowing my luck.. they will charge me twice.. and a third if I do again..

I closed my computer.. and went on my way.

Did you know it was like 30 something degrees this morning?

It wasn't that last night when I went to bed.

Did you know I left late to catch my ride to CPR and First Aid?


Did you know I had frost on my windows, the car wasn't heated up, and I needed to stop at the gas station for chips!

You probably didn't. But I did.

So I had to warm up the car, and scrape the windows..

Which wouldn't have been so bad, had I not been running late!

Thankfully, the ride to Troy went smooth.

No speeding tickets (I'm lucky)

My car didn't break down, didn't get behind any buses,  hit deer or got stuck by cows!

Things were looking up!!

I get the station, run in fast..because I can't be late.

Grab some chips, and of course an iced coffee.

Get up to the counter, they ring my stuff up..and I reach in my purse for my wallet.. and..


Now I know it was in my purse!

I put it here before I left.

Then got on my computer desk and I don't remember that all.

So I ran out to the van..and tore it apart..not there.

I go back in and retrace my steps.

I must have taken it out of my purse..and put it on the counter when I got my iced coffee.

That beautiful, black with silver skulls wallet!

Amazingly I got to work on time, and didn't miss my ride.

We had to go to Cincinnati for the class.

Yeah doesn't make much sense huh?

Especially since the YMCA just down the road..offers the same classes.

But you know..I can't complain.

They transported us, paid for the class, and paid us to take the class.

I had it made if you asked me.

And the drive there went great! Knock on wood.

I was starting to think the morning was a sign of things to come!

The class on the other hand..not so good.

The place was a training center, for home health care and nursing.

They offer all kinds of classes..

CPR/First aid just happens to be one of them..

and they was so unprepared!

BTW I hate that.  A lot. It's one of my pet peeves.

Now this isn't the first of these classes I've taken

I've taken many.

And I have NEVER been in one like this.

Now granted things have probably changed since my last class..

but I doubt this much.

There was no class material (packets, papers, books etc.)

And the teacher spent more time out of the class, than in it.

He basically came in to start, pause and stop the video we were watching.

It was only about 2.5 hours long..for BOTH classes.

And we had no test at the end..

We would have been better off at the YMCA..

I may still do the YMCA class!

The drive home was uneventful as well.. didn't even get in traffic.

But I got a notification from my bank..

Letting me know that my card had been used to pay my cell phone bill...



And while I was happy I didn't do it three times, I was still mad that it went through two times, several hours after I tried to submit them! Had it happened right away..OK..but several hours!

Which means I now have to call and fight over my bill, with some foreign speaking person..I can't understand.

I'm mad.. and a language barrier is never a good thing when you're ticked off!

Because in the end you both get ticket off.

I'm mad because I can't understand them! I just want to resolve the problem without saying "can you repeat that" or "could you say that again" or "I'm sorry I didn't hear you". Even though I really heard them. I just didn't want to be rude.

They are mad because they have to repeat themselves over and over again.

Oh and lets not forget that it takes 15 freaking minutes to get to the place where they transfer you to a an actual human! I swear I said "yes" and pushed buttons forever before they transferred me. Then I had to wait 15 more minutes for someone to answer my call.. all while listening to awful music, that's on a loop. Only to be greeted by someone I could not understand. The struggle is real!

Then once you get an actual person..they keep transferring me to different departments. I was so frustrated! Finally though..I got it taken care of. I'm getting my refund!

Which is good. Because if they hadn't given it to me.. I'd be ticked.. REALLY ticked.

This was all before 3 this afternoon..

I was so happy to be home!

And so good.

I just checked on my wallet... Still there!


And I can sigh.. and be happy that today is almost over!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better!

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