Monday, December 21, 2015

Guess I'm a Player

Well guess what? I am a player! So I am told. 

At least this dude on Facebook seems to think so. 

This guy, who randomly wrote me. 

A guy I do not know. 

He started writing me a few days ago. 

I am not interested. 

So I never replied. 

Thinking to myself that he'd get the hint. 

I mean I would. 

If I wrote someone, and he didn't write back. 

I would think "oh he's not interested"

and move on. 

Not continue to write him. 

I'd get the hint.

I'd back off. 

But not this guy. 

He kept writing. 

At first it was just normal. "HI how are you", "my name is so and so" things like that. 

Then it got a little sexual. 

And then it got a little mean

And then it got really mean, 

And then he started accusing me of being a "player", and just "leading him on"

Dude.. I never wrote you! 

So..I guess I am a player. 

According to him. 

Of course he doesn't know what a player is. 

Because that's not a player.



You see someone who plays someone, usually misleads someone into thinking something that's not true. 

Like they are interested in you

They want to go out

They love you.

They think you're cute, sexy hot. When really they do not. 

Sometimes they tell you these things because they want sex.. and they know that lying to you..might be the only way to get it.

Sometimes they do it because it's funny to them. They have no life, and nothing better to do than play with someone's emotions. So they lead you on.. only to hurt you in the end. 

That is being a player. 

Not ignoring someone. 

Ignoring someone is whole lot nicer than leading someone on! 

Or using them.

I know! I have been played before 

I've had guys do this to me. 

I of course did not reply to him. I blocked him, so he could no longer contact me! 

Which is what I should have done in the first place. 

I honestly thought he'd take the hint and GO AWAY! 

I'll know for next time. 

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