Friday, January 9, 2015


OK this is going to be my vent post. Because well I feel like venting. I feel like an angry woman. Maybe its the weather? Having to get up early in the freezing cold. Maybe its because I'm tired of men treating me like a freaking sex object simply because I have large boobs. Really? Guys chill there just boobs. Seriously. I just want to scream!!!  Maybe I am tired of this stupid pain.

Now I vowed to myself I wasn't going to complain about the weather. I even posted about people who complain about it. We live in Ohio. Be use to it blah blah blah. Forget that. This sucks. I hate it. And I want it to go away. And before ANYONE says something stupid like "but Katie you like snow" or "didn't you ask for this snow"  let me stop you now. Don't say it. I'm not going to explain to you when I like snow... Again. Just know I do not want it now. And snow would be a little more tolerable if it wasn't cold as balls outside. This cold is what I hate more than anything. Its days like this and what we've been having that makes me wanna stay in bed all day long. OK not really.

Because I'm also mad at the fact that I can't work out. Because of my stupid uterus. Which I no longer have. Yet it still has control over me. How can something that's been dumped in some medical waste field control me. OK its not. But the pain is. I am 9 weeks out and ready to get back at it. But can't. Ugh.

And talking about balls. OK I mentioned them earlier. Guys.. Control yours. Seriously. What are you thinking when you make inappropriate comments about girls chest. I'm sorry but no matter what I wear. I can't hide them. However, you can control your mouths and what comes out of it. Keep your thoughts to yourself. And did your mommas teach you to treat women like sex objects?  Or to act like dogs? Always chasing the tail?  I am so tired of men thinking its OK or that I'll be OK with them treating me like this. I'm not. I don't even lead you to believe you're going to get anything from me. Its almost like most men think just because I have big boobs its OK, or I'll be OK being treated with disrespect. WRONG. Big boobs does not equal easy. At least not this girl.

And while we are on the topic. Go a head and get mad, or have a pitty party. I don't care? And I do not feel bad. Really. I could care less. Oh whaaa. Get over it and learn what respect is. I guess acting like a baby has worked in the past. Well I do not want or seek acceptance from people like you.

And girls who do fall for this. Please stop. Really. Have some respect for yourself. Girls, you do not have to sleep with a guy just because a guy says your beautiful, or pays you some attention. Believe me if a guy wants something bad enough he'll pull out all the strings to get it. And while that is low if you get hurt you can only blame yourself. You're the one who gave in.

OK I have gotten that out. I'll go now.