Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I am getting a little fed up with you Santa. Every year I am a good girl, and I do no wrong. Every year I ask for the same two things! It never changes. Yet, you can't seem to deliver on either.. well most of the time! So let me try again, this year. It would be super if you could give me one, if not BOTH of what I ask for!

First..I want..

SNOW!!!! that too much to ask?? I mean it's not really Christmas without it. OK it is by it's not as joyful, and happy unless I have me some snow! SO PLEASE PLEASE for the love of hot chocolate and candy canes.. send some of that Arctic cold air Ohio's way with a few inches of snow! It doesn't have to be a blizzard! It can start on the 23th, and end the 25th, and melt on the 26th and not come back until this time next year! And I would be over the top happy! Like a giddy little kid who just got a puppy for Christmas! 

Next, I've been asking for this since I was about 18. I do believe I've asked you and God. Neither one of you seem to listen. Or maybe this request gets lost a long the way? IDK? Either way, neither of you seem to bring it to me! My second and most important request would.. 

Yep a man with no body! No really.. A man.. I want a man. Doesn't have to look like him. But I want one! And I want one NOW! I want him yesterday. No I wanted him 10 years ago, actually try 18 years ago! Yes Santa I'm that old! But I do not want just any ol' guy. I want a sweet guy he is VERY patient. Even with me. Which we both know.. I can get to someone quickly. Someone who comes from a big family, and he's close to them. He likes the same things as me. Hates country music, loves dancing, slow dancing. Likes to hold hands, hug, and show affection. Someone who'll watch a girly movie, and then a horror movie, and then a cartoon. cheaters allowed. Knows what he wants, and is not scared to go for it. Will protect me, and my heart from breaking. Someone who can sing.. and sing good. Doesn't have to look like the guy above. Actually, I would rather he not..aside from the beard! I love beards, when worn right. Brown eyes, and hair. Nice lips and strong hands. Broad shoulders. He doesn't have to look like a super model. Actually, I would rather he not. A teddy bear is more like it! And tall.. I'm short, but even more tall than me. Must believe in God. That is a MUST! And not someone who says "I believe in God" but also shows it! Not Mormon, or Catholic though. Their believes are nothing like my own. Doesn't want kids.. or anymore kids. Cause well.. I ain't got a uterus to have kids. But be open about adoption. Must love dogs, and/or have them!

I'm not asking for much am I? I didn't think so. I've never been as detailed with you now that you know what I am looking for. Send him my way! I have like 7 day's left at Walmart. My lane is always opened! haha. Just saying.

Now that you know what I want for Christmas. I'll patiently sit by and wait for you to send me my snow and man! Even though, I'm guessing, this time next year, I'll be asking you for the same thing all over again..


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