Monday, December 29, 2014

My Year through Song..

If I had to pick a theme song for my life this past year.. it would be this song! I remember very well the first time I heard it. I was with my mom and aunt at the Walmart gas station. It was earlier in the morning on a very cold February morning. And we was on the way to my brothers. I remember thinking that it was one of the most beautiful songs I had every heard! It was new at the time, so when I asked my mom and aunt if they knew the name of the song, or who sang it. They did not know. My mom actually said.. "Nicole Nordman I think" Well she was wrong! lol. I loved this song.. but little did I know at that time, that this song would be played at times when I needed it the most. That  it's message, lyrics, words.. would become part of me..and my walk. A song about stepping out in faith, trusting in God to be there when you need Him most. To allow Him to lead me.. where He wants me to be.. even if I do not understand. And believe me..I've had to do that this year. I've had the unknown before me. I've had one of my biggest dreams, and desires of my life..taken from me. Well that's what I thought at first. But then God told me, and showed me through others.. Hey girl.. trust me. I know what I am doing. When your desires become my desires.. then your dreams will come true! Trust me! Call upon my name.. keep your eyes on me when trails come when the ocean rises and you feel like it's going to swallow you.. look above the waves, I am there. Don't look away Peter don't you dare. You can find rest in.. for I am yours.. and you are Mine!!

This song always seemed to come on at the right times too. When I felt like giving up, when I felt like melting out of saddness, and worrisome heart. It would come on the radio. or on my spotify. I would cry.. but not because of saddness, or doubt. But because of reassurance. God can and does use song to His message through, and boy does it work on me!  So this would be my theme song of the year! God knew I needed this song. He knew the first time that I heard it, it would be a part of who I am. Other songs that helped me through the year are the following..

and of course..

Ready Grill Review

These wonderful little chicken shish kabob..are the BOMB!! Yep yep they are. And I made them in my new Ready Grill? What is the Ready Grill you ask? Don't worry. If you do not know what it is.. I didn't either. Until I got one for Christmas.  This the ready grill.. For healthy indoor grilling!

Looks like a big toaster huh? Well it kind of is like away I guess.This is what it comes with..

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Year Review..

I am not really going to do a very big detail of my year. I mean who really cares right? lol. Seriously, I kind of hate reading people's reviews. But for some reason, we people like to post them. Also, I'm a pretty boring person. I do not do much, and I don't have much excitement. Even though, this year has been exciting, well the end has. Don't fret..I shall do a blog on that.. it gets it's own blog.

I am not one of those people who feel that a New year is anything special either. I don't think a new year brings any new opportunities than the year before. To me it's just another day, with a different number at the end. A number that takes me MONTHS to remember. Yeah it causes more problems..haha OK maybe not. But really if you had a crappy 2014. unless you make some major changes in your life you're probably going to have a crappy 2015. Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but it's true. A new year doesn't offer anything good unless you let it. Sure bad things may happen that's out of your hands..but the year has NOTHING to do with it. It was going to happen, when it happened.. doesn't matter. So if you had a crappy 2014, you're probably going to have a crappy 2015 unless you make those changes required for it to be good.

Anyway, now that I got that out of the way, here is my review.And what I remember..

Jan 2014 - The longest freaking month of the entire year! Seriously. Am I the only one who thinks this month lasts way too?  Nothing excited that I can remember! It was cold. Very cold! Snow tons of snow. Snow rollers.those were neat. Weight loss stall started (didn't lose, but didn't gain)

Feb 2014 - The shortest month of the year literally! But doesn't feel like it. I swear from Jan to March time just slows down.  Cold very cold, more snow, tons of snow. Weight loss stall continued. Still not losing, still not gaining (I don't want to gain so that's good).

March 2014. Starting to warm up some! Hitting the 30s we are on a roll now. Snow eventually starts to melt. No more snow rollers. That is very good. They were neat, but them going away was a wonderful sign of a heat up! Still stalled. Still sucks. Starting to get upset over it.

April - OMG I can feel my toes, and my nose doesn't feel like ice anymore. Snow gone, leaves that wasn't racked the year before reappear. Man wish those would have been raked up. Scale is starting to move. Slowly, but it is. Tried on hoodie that didn't fit me at the start of Jan. Couldn't get it over my big boobs. Now it fits me like a dress!! No problems at all. Turns out you lose inches, when not losing pounds. Interesting.

May - July - Nothing big happens. Nothing bad though. It's all good. Just the same old same old, no one really wants to hear about. However, the weather is rather nice. I turned 34..and discovered that the slides at the pool are REALLY fun!

Aug - Decided I better get to a doctor for some help. Did some blood work, an ultrasound (which is no fun) Turns out. The lining of my uterus is too Also, totally overreacted over someone unfriending me on Facebook. Really.. I overreacted. Turns out I unfriend him. haha I forgot I did that. We are still not friends, and I've since blocked him. haha. I can't believe I let myself get that worked up over him.. and I don't even know him. That's sad. I should admit to this. But it's true.

Sept- Had my biopsy. So not fun. Worse than an ultrasound. Yeah go figure? Turns out I had complex hyperplesia with atypical cells (or precancerous cells). However, they was unable to determine if some of my cells were actually cancer. Recommended I see an oncologist in the gynecology field. Made an appointment, met with doc Lutman, given my options on treatment. I could either try hormones for three months and go through tons of tests again. Then go from there. If hormones were working, I'd continue with hormones, and have check-ups (pelvic exam, ultrasound, and biopsy) yeah I loved that so much the first time. Or have a hysterectomy. My hyperplesia was pretty advanced, and since they couldn't tell if I had cancer or not I decided with the hysterectomy. There was a lot of praying and thinking going into this. I pretty much knew these would be my options. And I'll do another blog, at another time to explain my reasons for the hysterectomy. Many people think I'm crazy for doing this, having no kids, and still being kind of young. There is a reason behind my madness.

Oct - Surgery month! After this month I vowed that in 2015 I did not want to have surgery! Of course sometimes it's out of my hands. lol. If it's gonna save my it!! Surgery went well. Recovery, well I'm still in it. But after surgery I was pain free, and pretty OK. It was the end of something awful..a thing I call periods..and so do a lot of other people. I wonder why? haha. Why is it called a period? I mean really? It doesn't mark the end of anything. It's actually the start of your menstrual cycle. lol. Anyway.

Nov - Still in recovery and starting to get a little stir crazy! I'm this whole doing nothing has been hard. I started my Christmas season, yes I start early, because Dec. is not long enough! Realized I have a lot of scrooge's as friends...buhumbug to you too!  Hallmark started to play Christmas movies, and there is Christmas music on the radio!! Makes for a very happy girl.

Dec - Feels like the month just sped by. And I hate that! This is why I started getting into the Christmas season early! Because I feel if I blink my's over!   This month flew by. No snow..but I was OK with that. After the start of the year, with all the snow and cold. A mild Dec. was greatly welcomed in my heart! Christmas..which I love.. and hate to see it go. I also found out the results to my pathology report. I guess it's important to mention this too. So here's what was what..

* No cancer!! which is awesome.

* Aenomyosis - This shocked me! I had no clue and would have NEVER imagined I had this.

* Leiomyoma - Also a shock, and I really didn't know what it was. I had heard of leiomyosarcoma which is a very bad cancer. But I do not have that! Thank God. But I did have leiomyoma which from what I understand is a type of fibroid.

* Paratubal cyst - Several of these.. and these were in my fallopian tubes.

and last but not least

* Uterine polyps.

So that's my year.. interesting huh? 

Christmas Blog.

So I was going to do a Christmas haul blog..where I tell everyone what I got for Christmas. But really who cares? I do, because I got them..and I love them! But do you really care what I got? Seriously? Yeah I didn't think so. I do want to mention three things I got though. If you do not know what they are (which I hope you do at least one of them) look them up. This is kind of my "review" for these products.

First is a Kitchen Aide. This is the only "serious" thing I asked for this year. The other two things was a my own kitchen, and a puppy lol. I playfully asked for these. But I was serious about the Kitchen Aide. I've wanted one for years. And this year I got one!! I was and am SOOO happy!! What an amazing little appliance. OK it's not so little. But it's beautiful. And red! Which is my favorite color! LOVE it..and it works wonderful! I could hardly wait to use it. Oh it's awesome. It's so nice to be able to just put your ingredients in and let it go. No standing over a bowl, with a hand mixer, working on my muscles. No flour getting in my face (I had stopped using a mixer and just hand mixing). I really can't wait to make bread, and use that dough hook. I love that dough hook.

Second was a Babycakes machine. This was a surprise from my brother Randy and his sister Bridget. OK before people make faces and think gross.. your brother married your sister. NO. She's just like a sister to me. OK.. got that out of the way. Now this is a three in one. Donuts, cupcakes, and cake pops (or you can totally use this for donut holes..and I totally plan to lol..make my own Tim Horntons). So it's a three in one! Now I've seen commercials for this, and actually have it on my Amazon wish list (which reminds me..I better take that off). But the reviews have never been good. I've watched Youtube after Youtube and read reviews where people just have no luck. So I'll admit, I was a little scared to use it. I decided on donuts. OK not really. It was the plate that was in the machine. I don't know what these people making these reviews were doing wrong..but my little chocolate donuts turned out great! They were perfect shaped, they didn't over spill (the directions did call for more to be used, than it needed. I don't like I didn't listen and used less.) These were awesome!

And last but not least I got a Ready Grill. Now I have never seen one of these. And the best I can describe it (and I have pictures which I'll probably post them through instagram)  it looks like a big toaster! It has three parts. The machine itself. Which is long and silver, the grill..which is what holds the food. And the basket that catches the grease. I seem to forget what that's called at this time. Oh and kabobs skewers.  Of course before I opened it, or tried it. I got online to see what others were saying about it. It seemed to get really good reviews from people. So this morning. I decided to try it out. What better food to try than bacon! Everyone loves bacon right? So I do all the reading of directions, etc. etc. that goes into getting something new. I set it up, warm it up, and get the bacon ready. Now the grill isn't what you're probably thinking of.. it looks like this..

So my first challenge was laying the bacon onto the basket? Because that's what it really is. A basket. It's flat, with two sides. It opens up, you put the food on it, close it and then put it in the machine. Kind of like you would toast. I made three slices of bacon. Now the directions for bacon says you can overlay it. But I thought nah. Not right now. I didn't want to make a whole pound of the stuff. Just wanted to try it. So I placed three slices on the grill, closed it, and placed it in the machine. And the bacon fell to the bottom of the grill. Thankful. It's closed at the bottom so it can't fall into the actual machine. But I was like..OK whatever. I set the timer and washed dishes. It did smoke the house up some. But bacon does that (unless you make it in the microwave or oven). It didn't turn out very good. Some of it was burnt, ,and some of it was still raw..and that was a major let down. So I thought..what about the skewers? That should work. I mean when we cook bacon on an open fire we use skewers. So I got out two pieces of bacon slapped them on the skewers, placed them inside the grill..and put them in the machine. Set the timer and put the dishes away. When it was done it was two perfect pieces of bacon from heaven! I let them set for a few minutes and they crisped right up. Not too burnt, and not too raw (which is good) just perfect! And so very good. Then I had to try something else. So I got out three chicken nuggests.. and made those. They turned out crisp on the outside, and juicy on the inside..perfect! So far I am very impressed with it!!

Now the question is..what am I going to make next? Experiment with next? Oh my poor family.