Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ipsy bag.. and complaining..

OK so it's been a while since I wrote a blog! A real long while. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I thought eh.. I'm going to write a blog! I have nothing better to do on my day off. Well actually I did. I went through ALL my clothes (and there was a lot of them) and got rid of anything, and everything I haven't worn in a long time, or ever worn. I mean why keep crap you're not going to use? Seriously. Half of the stuff was too big me anyway. I probably had 15 bags of clothes behind my dresser! Now I have none and it feels sooooo good. I had to add extra "o"'s to stress to you how good it feels! I'm getting rid of so many clothes! Well all but the jeans. I kept them. Well the jeans that are too small for me yet. I'll get into them. I threw away the ones that are too big. You never keep clothes you've grown out of.. well the ones that get too big that is!!

Anyway, yesterday I got my Ipsy Glam bag. If you do not know what that is.. go to that the link. I am however, going to try to describe it the best I can. To be honest with you I had never actually heard of Ipsy before I seen my friend Lindsey's update about it on Facebook. Actually, she updated about it at least two times before I actually checked it out. And just had to sign up! I was not going to pass up a make-up bag with samples for 10 dollars a month. NO WAY! And good samples. I had to try it out! And what I REALLY like most about it is that they charge you every month, and not a one lump sum, like 120.00 dollars a year! And you can cancel anytime you want. So if you find yourself in a tough situation and can't pay 10 dollars a month, you can cancel, and then pick it back up when you can again!

Now what extactly comes in these bags you ask? Good question! First, when you sign up you'll take a quiz. If I remember correctly they ask you questions about your hair, skin and eye color. You're interests when it comes to makeup (do you like the natural, glam, goth, etc. look..OK I don't think they ask you goth lol). This is to determine what best fits you! Not everyone gets the same thing in their glam bag. It's kind of tailored to you! So if you're a blonde with brown eyes who likes the glam look, you're probably going to get something different than this black hair, blue eyed girl! It's tailored to you! Most of the time they send you samples, sometimes you'll get full sized products. But not often. However, for the price it's good! You get five items (think of each item as 2 dollars a piece). This month they were all sample sizes, but the tweezers! I was so excited about the tweezers! Here is a screenshot of what I got! Yep..I am so doing that!

OK so you might have to click on it to make it bigger. I didn't know it would be that small.Here is a list of what was in the bag. Feel free to go visit the website to find out more about them! I was going to write about them in detail. But that takes too long, and you can read about it on your own! Sound good? lol. 

I have yet to try any of them, well I tried the liquid lipstick! It smells like peppermint patties! So far I am loving my Ipsy bags! I've been getting them for 3 months now, and have been able to use almost all the products they send! So I highly recommend them! 

OK moving on.. to the complaining. Cause I have some to do! Do you know what REALLY bothers me! When people need, or want me to do something for them, and instead of asking me. They ask my mom! Like I am a child. I'm 35 years old. I stopped giving me orders 17 years ago! So when someone calls and asks my mom if I could, or would do something for them. I find that so very disrespectful! This usually requires my mom having to call me to tell me that "so and so" asked if I could do "such and such" for them. Why not just call me? Or text! I know what you are thinking.. why don't you just express this to the people or person who does this. My mom and myself have BOTH told this person that they NEED TO ASK ME! They still do not listen. They even told my mom once that when her kids were small.. if she told her kids that someone needed help.. they went. They didn't question. Like my mom is suppose to tell me what to do, like a child, and I'm suppose to listen. It really really gets on my nerves. My blood pressure is up just thinking about it! Sometimes I think she does it on purpose, she'll play stupid and act like she forgot. But she didn't. It's like she's an adult with ODD lol. Errrr.. I want to scream! 

OK I thought I was going to complain more than I did. lol. 

Anyway, check out Ipsy!!! It's worth it!