Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Eat my Words.

So this past month has been a challenge for me! I can honestly say I'm either ready to go back to 2015, or just fast forward to 2017. Because so far. This year has sucked!  I am hoping to see the beauty in all this mess.. but so far. I can't.

Of course some of it, is my own fault. I got a head of myself. I didn't think things through, and weigh my options. I seen an opening. And I jumped. And I'm paying for that now!  Of course a month ago, if anyone would have told me that I wasn't thinking things through, I wouldn't have listened to them. I know I wouldn't have. Because I thought I seen the light at the end of Walmart tunnel. And I was going through it.  I can honestly say. This is my fault. I cannot blame anyone else. But ME!

I jumped the gun. I totally jumped the gun, and now. I have no job! Not that the job I left Walmart for paid me! I am guilty of wanting to see something,and believes something that wasn't true. And now I may end up working some place like McDonalds! I should have appreciated Walmart.  I use to always say, at least I'm not working fast food! Well I may end up eating my words.

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